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Zen Skincare and Waxing Studio employs a variety of waxing techniques to ensure the safety and comfort of each client during the hair removal process. For sensitive areas, such as bikini, underarms, and Brazilian waxing services we customize the choice of wax based on your personal preferences and needs, but traditionally use hard wax in these more sensitive areas. Hard waxes are known for their specialized use in sensitive areas of the body, and work efficiently by only adhering to the hair (by way of encapsulation of the hair) and specifically do not adhere to the skin itself, resulting in less irritation and redness post waxing, a favorite of seasoned waxers. Our facial waxing services are completed with a specialized sugar based wax that is exceptional for the sensitive areas of the face. For your body waxing needs (i.e. Legs, arms, back, etc) we use our specially formulated soft waxes that have honey, argan oil, and zinc oxide to soothe and calm skin post-waxing service. You may view our Waxing Frequently Asked Questions page and learn more about our waxing process by clicking this link: Waxing FAQ

Please review the Waxing Services price list and special Brazilian Waxing offer at $45.00 below.

Eyebrow and Eyelash Tinting Options:

Eyebrow Tinting ….. $10

Eyelash Tinting ….. $20

*We use a safe and natural vegetable dye to color the eyelashes and eyebrows.

Eyelash Lift Service:

Lash Lift ….. $50
Our Lash Lift service enhances the look of your natural lashes and creates an instant appearance of thicker, fuller lashes with a beautiful yet natural curl. The results of this service lasts for up to six to eight weeks. We use the safest formulas available for all of our brow/ lash tinting and lash enhancement services. Lash Tinting is recommended to be completed at same time of service as the Lash Lift to further enhance the color and create a more dramatic look of the eyes. Washing of the face/eye area as well as steam applications will need to be avoided 24 hrs after the lash lift service is completed. If you have just recently tinted your lashes you will need to wait about (2) weeks for service to be most effective.

Waxing Services:

Eyebrows Grooming ….. $15 | Initial Eyebrows Shaping ….. $20

Chin ….. $10

Lip ….. $10

*Full Face Wax ….. $30 *does not include brows

Nostril ….. $12

Underarm ….. $20

Arms: Half Arms ….. $25 | Full Arms ….. $35

Lower legs ….. $40 (ankle up to and including knee)

Upper Legs ….. $35 (above knee to thigh)

Full Leg ….. $70

Inner Thigh ….. $15

Buttocks ….. $15

Buttocks Crevice ….. $12

Back ….. $50

Chest ….. $40

Abdomen: Female ….. $10 | Male ….. $25

Bikini, Deluxe Bikini, French Wax and Brazilian Services:

Please Note: For the quickest and most effective waxing service, we need at least 1/4 - 1/2 inch of hair growth for complete removal of hair in bikini and brazilian areas. For those of you who have recently shaved we typically need 1.5 - 2 weeks of hair growth for best hair removal outcomes. Waxing FAQ

Bikini ….. $25 Removes the hair outside of the traditional bikini line and upon request can come down 1 inch from the top.

Deluxe Bikini ….. $35 The Deluxe Bikini Wax goes in further on the sides (approximately 2 in) and guests can request to come down (approximately 2 in) from top. The Deluxe Bikini does not include the labia or buttocks crevice.

French Wax ….. $40 French Wax goes in further than Deluxe Bikini and guests can request down to a landing strip. Partial or full labia waxing is included in the French Wax. The French Wax does not include the buttocks crevice.

Brazilian ….. $45 Includes hair removal in the bikini and Brazilian areas, and generally includes labia and buttocks crevice areas. However, this service can be customized to individual preferences upon guest's request. Brazilian waxing offer at $45.00 is for women only and is applicable to all guests whether local or visiting the Asheville area.

Men's Brazilian Waxing Service ….. $85.00 and up

The image below provides examples of Women's Bikini, Deluxe Bikini, French Wax and Brazilian options for our guests.

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