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Why Wax?

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Okay, lets face it shaving can be expensive, time consuming, and painful especially if you experience razor burn, nicks, and cuts-- or even worse unsightly and painful in-grown hairs. Shaving is normally a daily occurrence for most and the average razor blade costs $3.50 each, and when you add up the time spent shaving, it amounts to use of valuable resources with not so desirable outcomes. Including the fact that shaving will generally result in hair growing back faster, thicker, coarser and fuller; with more hair growing back from each pore.

Waxing is the smarter choice for hair removal. Unlike shaving and hair removal creams waxing removes the hair by the root or base of the hair follicle. Once you begin to wax you start the process for weakening the hair follicle and changing the growth cycle of your hair which will ultimately result in finer hair once it begins regrowth and the hair will become more sparse, less dense. With consistency in waxing, certain areas such as the underarms hair growth can significantly be reduced overtime, depending on your body type, ethnicity, and overall hair type. Reduced hair growth translates into you needing to be waxed less and less over time, which saves you even more money in the long run. For optimal results we recommend working towards monthly maintenance which can be more easily achieved with our special monthly maintenance programs. Please be aware that hair growth patterns for some individuals can take 6 to 12 months or more to significantly impact. However, you are certain to see positive results after your first 1-2 waxing services, and it only improves thereafter with consistency and regular maintenance.

Personal reasons for waxing are diverse, yet many guests have spoke to the potential benefits of waxing:

- More hygienic and reduced body odor/perspiration

- Better sports performance for swimmers, athletes and cyclists

- Physical appearance improvements

- Enhanced muscle definition

- Improved self-confidence

- Enhanced intimacy between partners

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