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3. How to introduce acids into your routine

  • Jul 12 2017
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Skin care at Zen Skincare and Waxing Studio, Asheville NC

Acids (as with any prescription topicals) should be used right after cleansing, when your skin is clean and patted dry. After applying the product to your skin, you should wait 20 minutes for the ingredients to do their work. Acids, as indicated by their name are pH dependent ingredients, which means that they require a low pH to be effective. If the pH of your skin is too high, the acid will be made pretty useless.

Which brings us to the important point of cleanser pH. While the pH of skin could be a whole post of its own, we’ll just keep it simple here - when you’re using acids, it’s very important to use a cleanser that’s pH balanced to the skin, which is about 4.5-5.5 pH. This will ensure that the acid product you use will be able to do its work.

Because acids can be pretty heavy duty ingredients, it’s important to introduce them into your routine slowly, and build up regularity from there. Start with doing it once a week for a couple of weeks to begin with, them up it to twice a week for a couple weeks, then thrice etc.

After the 20 minute waiting period, you’re free to move on to the rest of your routine. Make sure you are using a lot of hydrating and moisturizing products, because acids can be very drying! In the next post we’ll cover some things to look out for when using acids, like over-exfoliation and photosensitivity.

Know Your Skin

  • May 31 2017
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Know Your Skin at Zen Skincare and Waxing, Asheville NC

Skin is made from 3 layers of tissue: the epidermis, the dermis and the subcutaneous layer. One full skin cycle is the time it takes for new cells to be generated at the bottom of the epidermis and rise to the surface of the skin, to eventually be shed off. This process can take from 28 days to 6 weeks.

This is why we say your should try a product for about a month because of the constant renewal process of skin. Products will absorb into the epidermis and affect the deeper, newer cells, so when they finally reach the outermost layer you’ll be able to see what the effect, if any, will be.