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Zen Skincare: Specials on Deep Cleansing and Exfoliating Facials for Spring

  • Mar 16 2017
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4-Layer Green Restoration Facial and Pineapple Express Facial at Zen Skincare and Waxing, Asheville NC

This Month:

• Skincare Topic: Deep cleanse your skin for spring and support skin with plant based botanicals
• Facial Specials: 4-Layer Green Restoration Facial and Pineapple Express Facial
• Waxing Special: Women's Full Leg Waxing Package of (3 services) and a Complimentary Zen Essential Express Facial
• Triple Threat: Tri "eye" Fecta Treatment (Customized Brow Shaping, Lash and Brow Tinting)


Deep Cleanse Your Skin for Spring

As we celebrate St.Patricks day and all things green let's bring some focus to how plants and the healing power of these botanicals can re-new and re-youth ourselves this spring season. Green Tea is amazing ingredient that acts an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory for our skin and internal organs.


Green tea originated in China, first brewed in 2737 BC. Over the years it has been regarded for its health benefits, as it contains a variety of enzymes, amino acids, lipids, phytochemicals and minerals. Green tea also contains a type of catechin known as EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate). This catechin is a polyphenol that provides greater antioxidant content than vitamins A, C and E!

Green tea is also power packed with other valuable nutrients like vitamins E and C, carotenoids, minerals, and oils.


Since green tea is a natural polyphenol and potent antioxidant it works to rid the skin of impurities and boost its immune system.

It also aids in eliminating free radicals, while protecting healthy cells, which safeguards the cell’s DNA structure. Additionally, green tea assists in wound healing, minimizing scars, provides anti-inflammatory benefits, bolsters skin elasticity, and inhibits collagenase.


One way to celebrate the “wearing of the green” this season is to incorporate green tea into our facials and home care regimens. A treatment we love this time of year is the 4-Layer Restoration Green Treatment. This deep-tissue facial will smooth, soften, clarify, and restore your skin using the power of green:

  • Green tea
  • Green papaya
  • Green Italian herbs like rosemary and basil
  • Green plant based growth factors

Using the Beta Green Tea Cleanser and Beta Action Scrub will provide a deep cleanse and stimulate the exfoliation process. An enzyme application of the Skin Brightening Enzyme, Mint Papaya Enzyme and Italian Herbal Peel will digest dead cells, bringing fresh, rejuvenated cells to the surface. A mask of the Wasabi Mask and Grape Seed Parfait Mask will nourish and hydrate the skin. To finish, the Blemish Serum will purify the skin, while Growth Factor Serum Plus support collagen synthesis and cellular health. The Daytime Defense SPF30 and Sheer Tint Finisher will protect the smooth, beautiful, restored skin you just uncovered.

Bring the luck of the green to your skincare and facial regimen this season, and uncover that pot of gold in the form of healthy, radiant skin.

The 4-Layer Green Restoration Facial: 75 Minute Treatment

An amazing deep tissue facial that smoothes, softens, clarifies, and restores skin using the elements of our most 'green' products: Green Tea, green papaya, green enzyme, green Italian herbs, green clay, green rosemary and basil, and green growth factor. Many skin types will benefit from the enzymatic exfoliations and purifying, and stimulating masques reducing oil blemishes, rough texture, sensitivities, dehydration, and dull complexions. Rejuvenate and revitalize your skin this spring season, the 4-Layer Green Restoration Facial will take you and your skin to the next level of health!

Special Price: $79.00 for 75 Minute Treatment -- Regular Price: $95.00

Promotional Offer thru 3/31/2017

Pineapple Express Facial

Let the pleasant aroma of pineapple fill the room but don’t let the enticing scent fool you! Skin is nourished and cell turnover increased with the gentle exfoliation action of enzymes and yam extracts. Peptides boost the skin’s cellular activity while the soothing effect of protein enriched milk cools the skin. With a super-infusion of antioxidant support, this treatment is especially beneficial for photo-damaged and hormonally imbalanced skin.

30 Minute Express Facial Service ~Special Price: $45.00
Promotional Offer thru 4/30/2017

Full Leg Waxing Package of and Complimentary Zen Essential Express Facial at Zen Skincare Waxing, Asheville NC
Full Leg Waxing Package of (3 Services) and Complimentary Zen Essential Express Facial - Special: $210.00

Purchase a package of (3 services) Full Leg Waxing Services and receive a complimentary gift certificate for Zen Essential Express Facial Service (Valued at $45.00). Offer Valid Thru March 31st, 2017. Must book first full leg waxing service at the time of purchase, changes/cancellations can be made to appointment booking up until 24 hrs prior to appointment date/time. Package Price: $210.00 (Complimentary Zen Essential Express Facial valued at $45.00)
Promotional Offer thru 3/31/2017

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Signature Triple Threat Eye Treatment at Zen Skincare and Waxing, Asheville NC

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